Zombie Ops
Hire a Zombie for your Contract Develoment Work
Zombie Operations is our developer services operation.
How Did it Begin?
There are many creative entrepreneurs with great business ideas when it comes to crypto. In many instances it is difficult to find reliable, safe, and honorable developer teams to partner with for the creation and/or maintenance of a project.
After turning down what seemed like numerous offers to help projects on a contract basis, our team decided to offer our services to project creators to bring their token ideas to life.
What We Offer
Our desire is that your token and project creator shines, so our zombie team gladly will contract the work you require and stay “under the surface” like a good zombie should.
We can help take your token from conception to delivery. Our team has multiple members, and any build will have our entire team playing some role, whether testing, troubleshooting, or primary development. We do not seek to take over your project, but will deliver what is being asked of us.
Our Rates
As our team is primarily focused on our RugZombie ecosystem, our time is limited. We also have seen the value of having reliable, trusted, and strong developers and therefore our rates are premium. People come to us because they need good work done.
Our rates are 120$/hr with a 2 hour minimum and generally speaking a 250$ (or 10%, whichever is more) refundable deposit for the initial setup and management of the project.
Our Process
After an initial consult, our team will discuss if we have the time and ability to deliver your project on your desired date and get back to you with a course of action and acceptance or a rejection.
Please note that we mostly reject projects due to time constraints. We want you to have your project delivered when you need it and we cannot always accommodate. We reserve the right to choose our clients based on the type of project being presented.
After acceptance, you will receive a proposal and if agreed, you may send your deposit to our address (listed on proposal) and we will begin work. Our team is highly responsive on chats, and will make sure to have you in a group chat so that we can update you on work as it develops.
The Fine Print
Zombie Operations is NOT affiliated with ANY other project in any "official" capacity other than the obvious name overlap and the developers involved with RugZombie. Consider Zombie Ops as a WFH (work for hire) project that develops blockchain products on a case by case and contract basis and are therefore not responsible for the use or deployment of the code for a client.
Neither Zombie Ops nor RugZombie are responsible in any manner for the misuse, abuse or management of any token project on which we are hired to develop. We are “agnostic” to the projects we are asked to create and are not considered as a founder, member, or team associate in regards to any project we consult on.
Zom Ops only accepts payment in BNB, BUSD or other base assets and does not accept payment in a project token. We also as a general rule do not mint token contracts, but only develop the smart contracts related to associated Dapps.
We do this to avoid any impropriety of being associated with outside projects that we cannot control, and don't accept native project tokens to avoid the uncomfortable situation of selling a project token that we have taken as a client. This is a courtesy to project owners.
If you'd like to start a discussion on getting your project developed, you can send a telegram message to @emperor_zombietine or an email to [email protected]
How Do You Use the Funds?
Majority of funds go straight to the developers. This service helps our zombie team keep learning and buidling in the blockchain space.
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