Basic Token Information
Tokenomics 101
Token Name: Zombie
Token Symbol: ZMBE
OFFICIAL Token Address: 0x50ba8BF9E34f0F83F96a340387d1d3888BA4B3b5
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Max Supply: Unlimited
Initial Supply: 100million ZMBE
Emission Rate on Launch: 10 ZMBE / block

Emission Neutrality

Being an inflationary token only makes sense when a project can sustainably and reliably control the emission rates to be near constant.
RugZombie is committed to being emission neutral with a soft-cap of 200million supply.
We began our project with an emission rate of 10/block (see below). This was a great way to start. As we aim for emission neutrality, we will have scheduled reductions in minting supply with the aim of being at 1/block by the year 2023.
These scheduled emission changes will positively impact early holders as the value of their ZMBE is not diluted by increased supply, and it will stave off rampant inflation.
Our eventual goal is to remain emission neutral as a project; as our Zombie services see increase adoption, users will be attracted to our platform, not for "highest yields" but for the NFTs, retail dividends, and gaming. We are confident that a slow and steady approach to this question will help ZMBE remain fundamentally strong over the longterm.

Why ZMBE has no hard capped supply?

$ZMBE at its core is a simple yield-farming token allowing the user to earn new tokens out of their rugged tokens. Our mission is simple; providing new value to our users through resurrecting rugged or dead projects with this new yield in $ZMBE.
As $ZMBE is a farming token, it is inflationary and has no fixed supply, but the circulating supply will be controlled by a variety of unique burning features:
● Burning $ZMBE tokens when used to unlock Graves and Tombs;
● Our buyback and burn program (we will sell the rugged tokens that have been deposited to unlock our Tombs and then use the proceeds to buyback $ZMBE to be burned);
● Manually burning $ZMBE from Treasury as needed;
● Auctions and contests where a portion of the $ZMBE used to participate will be burned. Specifics of these projects will be released as they arrive.
In addition to utilizing $ZMBE to recover loss from rugged tokens, users are incentivized to HODL due to our burning and staking mechanisms that will increase the value of $ZMBE over time. Additionally, in the future, $ZMBE HODLers will have the ability to receive NFTs, possible airdrops and participate in governance and more.
Inflationary supply can be a cause for concern for potential users of $ZMBE, however the way our project incentivizes liquidity provision is by giving out rewards that require an emission rate, thereby increasing the supply. $ZMBE is also used in future features with our gaming ecosystem (coming ~Q1 2022) and there are MANY ways to control the supply as stated above. Please trust our team as we build something great here.
We have many burning mechanism, staking mechanisms and more that will lead to $ZMBE being emission neutral. If anything, we may need to increase the emission rate rather than decrease due to high demand and how useful $ZMBE will be in all our ecosystems.But as the chart below demonstrates, $ZMBE is among some of the lowest emissions you will find in farming projects.