For those worthless dead tokens.
Graves are single asset staking pools wherein the user follow four (4) steps to stake:
  • Approve the "smart contract"
  • Pay an "unlock amount" to open the Grave
  • At least 1 of the rugged/scammed token to be donated (these are not recoverable)
  • A minimum amount of staked $ZMBE, determined by each Grave
The minimum staking amounts are subject to change, as our token price appreciates, we will necessarily lower the minimum amount. To begin with, staking minimums are the following:
  • Basic Zombie Grave - 5000 $ZMBE
  • Common Graves - 1000 $ZMBE
  • Uncommon Graves - 2500 $ZMBE
  • Rare Graves - 5000 $ZMBE
  • Legendary Graves - 7500 $ZMBE
  • Spawning Pools - 5000 $ZMBE
The user will be rewarded for staking $ZMBE and the rugged token for a certain amount of time (determined by each pool) with a single NFT commemorating their rugged token experience and a determined amount of $ZMBE relative to the amount of $ZMBE staked.
These Grave NFTs may be a fun way to adjust to losing money on scammed tokens, but will have utility in our upcoming NFT gaming ecosystem and value on our secondary market as well.
Our Deposit Fee is assessed in BNB to reduce selling pressure of ZMBE to keep our token price stable, it also helps to pay our artists and any contact hires.
In our graves, we determine the APR for $ZMBE staking based on the amount of $ZMBE only. Your rugged token is ONLY used to determine eligibility for the NFT.
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