Early Withdraw Fees
Keep $ZMBE Undead.
To keep and incentivize liquidity and to punish arbitrage and harvesting bots, all graves, tombs and spawning pools have an early withdraw fee assessed if removed prematurely.
This 5% fee will be immediately sent to the treasury upon early removal. Some of those funds will be used for periodic buy-back and burns, among other things. See the use of our treasury funds here.
This fee applies to staked amounts. The withdraw period is set according to each grave, be sure to note.
This timer is reset upon each deposit and withdraw to de-incentive manipulation and incentivize long term holding.
For our TOMBS, the 5% fee LP is immediately unpaired, the $ZMBE is burned, and the other pair is sent to the treasury address.
Please note that this 5% fee is hardcoded into the contract, and even an emergency withdrawal will trigger this fee. Pleas DYOR before depositing into a grave so as to note result in lost funds. Our team cannot recover this amount for users.
Last modified 3mo ago
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