Art with a purpose.
It sucks to be the victim of a rug pull. While you may never recover the lost value of certain tokens, we remain committed to helping you get value in a novel way: custom NFTs.
Our GRAVES allow users to earn custom NFT artwork that will be a consolation prize of sorts for being scammed.
Spawning Pools
We don't offer NFTs for rug pulls only, we have several ways for our users to acquire RugZombie NFTs. We also aim to provide utility for NFT collections outside of our project (see QaaS). Our Spawning Pools let you earn Partner Tokens AND RugZombie NFTs.
Gaming & Merchandise
Our NFTs will serve many functions; they will play a key role in a gaming ecosystem and our merchandise arrangements.
Our NFTs will come with ratings based on rarity (view our Medium Article for more).
Secondary Market Sales
Additionally, with our partner, users may trade their trophy NFTs with others. NFT artwork is exclusive to each particular rugged token project, and will therefore be more difficult to acquire for those who were not scammed, making them fairly unique ie valuable as collectibles.
If you have suggestions for artists for our NFT collection we would be happy to hear. Let us know here or in our telegram group.
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