Burning Mechanisms and Inflation Control
How $ZMBE Supply Is Reduced Without A Hard Cap?
Emission Neutrality
Our token is inflationary by design, but several mechanisms are in place to keep emissions at a soft cap of 200million.
Currently, our Emission Rate is 10/block, but scheduled emissions reductions will take place over the course of 2022 in order to be at 1/block by 2023.
1/block emissions = ~28000 ZMBE per day. Our team has calculated the number of new GRAVES, SPs, and other capture mechanisms needed to effectively render the emissions neutral.
1. Low Block Emission
By beginning our contract with a low block emission of $ZMBE generated per block, we can slow the inflation. Our emission rate is incredibly low (10 $ZMBE per block) compared to other similar projects with yield farming contracts (see the figure below). We don't want lower or raise the emission too frequently, too early, for the same reason we don't want a hard cap: we still need to incentivize people to provide liquidity. We will update our community about the emission rates as the project develops.
Low Block Emission
2. Manual Buy Back and Burn Features
The dev team is committed to buying back and burning $ZMBE as we hit certain milestones as a community. We chose not to automate this process completely but instead to allow for manual adjustment to emissions and burns to adapt to changing environment in crypto.
3. Unlock Fees for Graves, Tombs, and Spawning Pool
With the unlock of each grave, tomb or spawning pool, a portion of the unlock fee will go to buy back and burn automatically. We understand that paying a deposit fee can be avoided on other platforms that have their own AMM and are discussing plans to move toward our own AMM in the future.
For now, you can view the deposit fee as payment for the custom NFT that you receive in our graves. :-) It also decreases the $ZMBE supply therefore supporting the price of $ZMBE longterm.
4. In Game Burns
Many of our games offer the ability to burn ZMBE as an added/enhancement feature for the game. While not required in most cases, these features will provide a steady stream of burning our token.
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