Released End of September, 2021
The Humans Live down here!
The catacombs offers humans (or peaceful zombies?) many opportunities. They have developed quite the ecosystem down there. Here are just a few offerings, not particularly in order. Please see our Medium Posts and subscribe to socials to get a good idea of feature release dates.
Rug Roll- Released September 2021
Deposit a rugged token and receive a different rugged token, this feature allows users to claim the rug tokens needed for entry into graves without needing to acquire them off our platform
*rolling for rugged tokens is still intrinsically risky and users do so at their own risk, this feature was meant to be price independent and should not be used for another purpose than getting the access tokens needed for graves.
The Barracks - Released January 2022
Barracks is our user-controlled NFT only pool collection. The set of NFTs in the barracks are available for locking up assets for a set amount of time. The pools have a maximum stake so that there is a maximum number of mints available.
Data Lab — Released September 2022
Deprecated At Launch of Marketplace
Our Data Lab is where the Humans collect their information on the happenings above the surface. The engineers try to filter through the noise, radio and satellite signals to detect any communication, not to mention any human intelligence gathering units they may have above…
Our Data Lab features our MYTHIC tier NFTs and our newest category of rarity: SPECIAL NFTs among other things. As paying off the right people can result in leaks from the lab, these NFTs are available for insta-purchase.
More information will be released on future versioning in due time.
The Tavern
The Black Market - Released December 2021
A peer to peer marketplace for rugged tokens. Need access to a grave and don't have the proper rug in your wallet? You can now trade and sell your rugs on the black market with anonymity. No more sharing your wallet address with other users.
The Dungeon - Released January 2022
Our Patient Zero game is hosted down here. See the page for more.
This game will be moved to another dedicated gaming section soon after general release.
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