Quest as a Service (QaaS)
Deepening the utility of select NFT collections with curated, high quality gaming content. We specialize in story, meta-narrative building and culture making.
RugZombie and Dead Games are excited to provide a wildly innovative service for any project that has NFTs as a part of its offerings; QaaS (quest as a service).
RugZombie's partner, Dead Games, along with our team will curate and give personal attention to a custom-crafted storyline and "lore" for your NFTs, integrating them into the ever-unfolding game world that our teams are making. See below for our current offerings;
Patient Ø (Zero)
PØ is a game based on RugZombie NFTs boasting a one-of-a-kind MUD (multi-user dungeon) experience. Finding its roots in retro-gaming worlds like Aardwold, WOTmud, and Dikumud, Patient Zero is the first ever MUD on the blockchain.
What is a MUD?
MUD gaming is a form of RPG gaming based entirely on text, allowing users to imagine the world as they see fit, and prioritizing the content and story over graphic engines.
Our MUD world has a main storyline (encompassed by our Patient Zero story) that is free to play, with optional side quests that are a part of the "canon" of our world.
How Does Your Project Integrate?
With your NFT collection, RugZombie and Dead Games are able to offer anthology/fabled quests while not a part of the main storyline, provide our users more playing time and things to do in our world.
For your Quest, RugZombie and Dead Games teams will meet to custom craft your quest that will integrate your NFTs into the gameplay itself.
example: Your NFT collection of "dudes" can be integrated into a special quest wherein owners of "dude" NFTs can retrieve special quested items, fight special one of a kind monsters/bosses, and even cash prizes in the form of bep20 tokens (see below).
The options for Quests as a Service are highly tailored to the project NFT in question. Some NFTs are better represented in game as "objects" to be collected, while others are better represented as "Enemies to Fight" and still others will perform best as access to special maps that are not available apart from NFT holders.
Common Quests - 2.5 BNB
Common quests will be perpetually available and do not provide users with no drop or special quested items outside of the project NFT. Generally speaking, these quests allow users to access something special backed by the NFT they hold. These quests do not expire, but the quested items or abilities in game are considered common.
Epic Quests - 5 BNB
Epic Quests will not only include a special quest based on the project NFT, but RugZombie and Dead Games team will curate special no drop items and privileges that are highly desirable in game. Epic Quests are eligible to become canon in the main storyline of Patient Zero. These quests are seasonal and have an expiry date.
Epic Quest Projects are eligible for whitelisting NFT collections on our upcoming secondary marketplace.
Legendary Quests - 7 BNB + Project Tokens
Legendary Quests not only include a common quest in perpetuity, but will combine the Epic Quests functionality of a seasonal campaign that rewards players with special no drop items or boss battles based on your NFTs, as well as your tokens and ZMBE tokens, for example. Legendary quests are eligible to become canon in the main storyline of Patient Zero.
Legendary Quests AND can be renewed after their season is over for a nominal fee + Project Tokens to be rewarded.
Legendary Quest Projects are eligible for whitelisting NFT collections on the Oblivion NFT Marketplace.
Questions? Send a direct message to EZ on telegram with @emperor_zombietine. Our turn around time for quest as a service is about 3 weeks as we take care to make sure that your project is well composed with thoughtful dungeon interactions, text, items, enemy short, we put about 40 hours of work into your dungeon alone.
This game is currently in beta, but we are accepting applications and interests.
A written example:
Happy Badgers NFT collection desires to have an Epic Quest for Patient Zero.
We craft a Quest that can be started by engaging the Badger Bagger (a non-player character) in Rotter's Hollow (one of our starting cities).
If the player owns a Happy Badger NFT, they are then given access to this quest, let's say they must recover 30 badger pelts and return to the Bagger for an in-game currency prize (not a bep20 token but rather in game currency). Player's interaction in fighting badgers will trigger a Momma Badger Boss Fight, which upon victory will reward the player with a custom Momma Badger Claw, that will be a special weapon that gives the player a perk or possibly has a strong attack power, etc. The details can be highly curated according to the quest. The player also may collect more badger pelts, and forge clothing items etc. from them.
This quest's text will be formulated such that this story is eligible to be integrated into the canon of our main plot-line, meaning that in future renditions of our Patient Zero game, Happy Badgers will enjoy references, and a forever special place in the history of PØ.
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