Marketing Information
This is an informal record of the various marketing considerations we are making as a team.
Pre Launch
Our focus before we launch is on solid fundamentals and code; we are builders. Marketing efforts will not matter if we have no substance, and therefore we are focused primarily on delivering a great product and making the Dapp usable with dynamite NFTs.
We will begin a marketing campaign up to a week or two before our fair launch that includes:
  • Twitter campaign
  • Tasteful telegram shilling
  • A series of reddit, publish0x and medium posts
  • Marketing on channels from community leaders in BSC
  • A series of AMAs scheduled for the week before and right after launch
  • Social Media Airdrop Contests
At Launch
The bulk of our marketing at launch will come from our community and some strategic partnerships we are making with a few projects, community audits and telegram/discord communities.
We want to stress that our community is part of our marketing, so please follow our socials and get the word out about $ZMBE.
Stay Tuned: Our Auction Feature is scheduled to be released after launch, and the funds raised from our Auctions will be used for our marketing purposes.
Will we use social influencers? (tiktok, youtube, etc)
Our team is not planning to use social media influencers at launch because these kinds of marketing techniques generally lead to massive dumps of the coin. If we are picked up by these influencers early, it will be organic.
We may revise our position on this as the project stabilizes and at community discretion and certain milestones.
If you are an influencer, marketer and want to be involved in marketing our product, please email us at [email protected] with the header: MARKETING.
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Marketing Roadmap
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