Tombs (NFTombs)
Putting the Fun back in Non-Fungible.
Our tombs are most similar to what users experience with LP Farms.
Our TOMBS provide various opportunities for our users to earn additional ZMBE rewards for providing Liquidity on ZMBE-BNB Pair on the various DEX partners.

Non Fungible Randomness

Our TOMBS not only provide some of the best yields our platform has to offer in ZMBE rewards, but additionally provide a unique way for users to randomly generate NFTs based on their share of the Liquidity Pool.
RugZombie has integrated ChainLink VRF to fairly and randomly distribute NFTs to LP holders in our Tombs based on their share of the pool. Simply put: the more LP you provide, the higher your chances to roll a RARE or LEGENDARY NFT.
Our NFTs for all TOMBS are the same for our common, uncommon and rare NFTs, but our Legendary NFTs are created specifically for each Pair.
Currently, we are listed on 3 DEX, therefore have a total of 3 LEGENDARY NFT, corresponding to their pools:
Autoshark Pairing: Legendary Ocean
ApeSwap Pairing: Inevitable Ape
PancakeSwap Pairing: Cake Zombie
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