Oblivion NFT Marketplace
This page is an explainer on our partner project, the Oblivion Marketplace. Please note the Marketplace is NOT a RugZombie asset. We are glad to partner with Dead Games Studio and Oblivion.
Welcome to the Oblivion, a user-centric NFT marketplace on the in the RugZombie world! In partnership with Dead Games studio, RugZombie is proud to benefit from a number of features on the marketplace itself. Read below;
Oblivion boasts a number of benefits for NFT lovers:
  • optimized and fast user experience
  • the lowest service fees on BSC of secondary marketplaces (see below)
  • NFT rental system for passive earnings on your NFT assets*
  • absolutely FREE minting services for select artists/projects (see more below)
  • dedicated project focused pages for your NFT collection
*see a roadmap of Oblivion Marketplace Release below*

Optimized User Experience

The oblivion market is intended to be a quality NFT marketplace that boasts low fees and high quality optimized site design so that your NFT trading experience can be enjoyable. If you have feedback don't hesitate to let us know so we can improve the experience overall.

Service Fees

The Oblivion Market is meant to provide the absolute lowest NFT service fees on the chain. While other projects can charge up to 5%, Oblivion's max service is 1% for all transactions and can go as low as .25%. In partnership and coordination with RugZombie, Oblivion is set to disrupt the NFT marketplace world.
The service fees has 2 simple tiers:
  • If BNB is used to buy/sell NFTs, the user is rebated 50% of the service fee in $ZMBE.
  • If the seller holds the RugZombie Whale Pass Season 1 in their wallet, they can reduce the service fee even further by a 50% rebate and more.
This means that if both of these conditions are met, users can enjoy a service fee of .25% on NFT sales.

Rental Market (coming soon)

RugZombie's partner ecosystem involves a variety of released features and games in development from Dead Games that utilize our NFT collection. For this reason, the Oblivion Market will soon have a rental feature that allows NFT holders to rent their NFTs to other users for passive income.
*Are you an NFT project or game-fi project that wants to incorporate rentals into your system? Send us a message; we would love to help you receive royalties from our rental system and provide a way for your project to benefit substantial from our rental system.

Free Minting Service

For selected projects and artists, the Oblivion Market will not charge project owners and artist to mint NFTs on their page.

For Artists

In exchange for this benefit, premier artists are expected to help produce some of the RugZombie NFT collection and games.
This whitelisted premier status is only available for select artists and projects.
If you are interested in receiving this premier service on the Oblivion Market, send an email to RugZombie or Oblivion, with the title: MINTING SERVICE.
Whitelisted artists will enjoy publicity and budget-free marketing from RugZombie and Dead Games team as a support at no cost.

For Project Owners / Collections

For project owners who have NFT collections, the Oblivion team would love to get your project whitelisted for secondary trading with royalties and a dedicated profile page for your project. Please let us know here.
Whitelisted NFT collections are eligible to become in game NFT assets for the patient zero minigame, and more.
These NFT collections will enjoy publicity and budget-free marketing from our team as a support at no cost.