Initial Token Supply
How are initial token funds used.

Liquidity Provision

80% of all our tokens will be in initial liquidity contract at fair launch.
Why not burned wallet address/locked LP? As the transition of pancakeswap to version 2 demonstrated recently for many projects on PCS, burned/locked wallet addresses can really destroy a project. We also plan to upgrade and release future versions of our project and balance our Liquidity between our various DEX. Burned wallets remove the ability to do this. Our team provided LP is under a multi-signature wallet.

Treasury Funds

10% of the initial supply will be placed in the treasury for the following purposes:
● Manual buyback and burns
● Paying for audits, product features, subscriptions and project expenses
● Marketing and promotions
● Future listings on major exchanges
● NFT artist payments, and contract developer payments
● New features
● Seeding new liquidity pairs
Deposit Fees will be assessed in BNB so as to not put sell pressure on the price of $ZMBE. Our team uses a multi-signature treasury wallet that requires majority consensus on the use of treasury funds.
You can see the treasury fund wallet address here:

Developer Vested Tokens

The dev team has agreed to develop the platform in exchange for ZMBE tokens, and will be transparent about our token allocations. We also fully expect to participate just like all other token holders at launch with our own personal funds.
The Dev Team was allocated 10% of initial supply (a total of 10mil ZMBE) in vested wallet which is held in a multi-signature wallet at this address:
Our developer wallet is essentially a compensation plan for our core team of contracted developers, artists, and more. They are vested monthly over the course of 2021-2024.
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